United Congolese Party | Infrastructure development
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Infrastructure development

The Congolese people are closed off from each other and the world because we lack infrastructure.  Our administration will invest in creating a modern infrastructure system that will be a catalyst for long lasting development of our nation as well as modern business . We cannot have a thriving civil society until we have quality infrastructure that creates opportunity in the New Zaire and abroad.  Infrastructure will change the lives of Congolese people by creating immense business opportunities in a country that until now has been grossly undeveloped.



As President, I will support and incentivize innovators and entrepreneurs who want to create our future infrastructure through modern ideas and technologies.


I will harness our country’s wealth to rebuild our infrastructure in order to bring our nation into the modern world with the completion of a number of key projects:


  1. Light in the New Zaire: This project in the building of the New Zaire will be the construction of hydroelectric power plants; in order to harness clean energy to create our own power and bring light to the smallest villages and the rest of Africa.


  1. Clean Water: Healthy Children: This project will be the creation of water purification and distribution systems, as well as a waste management system. I am confident that by providing clean water to our citizens we will significantly reduce the New Zaire infant mortality rate, which is currently the highest worldwide. All citizens will have access to clean water in the New Zaire.


  1. All Roads lead to the New Zaire: Our roads and bridges have fallen apart because of many years of neglect. A prerequisite for a thriving economy is a strong infrastructure, with modern roads, highways, airports, and ports. I will prioritize the rebuilding of the New Zaire’s infrastructure in order to promote trade and travel and to make our country accessible to all friends, local and abroad.