United Congolese Party | Health care
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Health care

About This Project

Access to high quality healthcare is imperative for developing a healthy nation, and a birthright for the Congolese people. Until now our nation has not received the healthcare they require and deserve and I plan on remedying this injustice as soon as I enter office.  In order for a nation to survive (and flourish) the citizens must be in good health.  The Congolese people have lacked access to universal human rights and this has led to poor health as well as high rates of disease and death.  The most effective way that we will be able to reverse the health crisis our nation has become is to ensure that every citizen has access to clean water, quality plumbing, electricity, and safe, easy, and accessible roads that lead to hospitals.

In addition to this, major national public health policies are lacking (cancer prevention, detection and treatment, regulations on good manufacturing practices and safety of pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and food, emerging infections, traditional medicine practice and safety of traditional medicines, crimes and violence, etc.). Life expectancy is remarkably short. Malaria, infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis and cancer are taking a huge toll on the country on a daily basis.  With more focus, research, and funding focused on these issues we can prevent many unnecessary deaths.


A large part of my focus in healthcare in the New Zaire will be preventative health for the Congolese people.  Congo is home to some of the most nutrient dense soil and foods and an eclectic and bountiful variety of produce, and yet millions of our people go hungry every day.  Close to a quarter of Congolese children are malnourished, pregnant women are not getting the nutrients they need, and 70% of our population lacks sufficient access to food.  For a country with such rich agricultural potential these statistics are unacceptable.  As President, priority will be placed on growing real and healthy food in the New Zaire and finally feeding our people.