United Congolese Party | Empowerment of Women
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Empowerment of Women

Women have been hit hardest in Kabila’s failed administration, and the New Zaire is committed to making women’s rights at the forefront of our agenda. I believe that women are at the core of our society.  They are raising our children: the future of New Zaire, they are acting as educators and role models, they are instilling their values and their expectations, and they are strong.  But they have not been afforded the opportunity to thrive and advance-economically, politically, and socially, until now.  I believe that women deserve the same opportunities that the men in their community receive, and I plan on making this a reality.

As President, I will focus on making the playing field even for women; economically, politically and socially.  Crimes against women will be treated as hate crimes and perpetrators will be punished to the full extent of the law.  Our administration will incentivize businesses to focus attention on hiring women.  We will create a culture where women can have the same dreams as men to have the tools and opportunities to be the most successful.  The women of the New Zaire will be politicians, executives, doctors, lawyers, land owners, engineers, scientists, and any career they can dream, because our administration will help provide the tools to reach any goal.


In order to empower the women of our community we must empower the young girls.  We must start by educating girls about the opportunities available to them and provide them with the resources to make these opportunities possible. Empowerment is about education and allowing our citizens to design and pursue their own goals, living according to their own values, developing self-reliance and being able to make choices and have influence – both individually and collectively in the decisions that affect their lives. Empowerment is a process, which will be long and complex. For our citizens to be empowered, conditions have to be created to enable them to acquire the necessary resources, knowledge, political voice and organizational capacity; and I will ensure this is an integral focus of New Zaire.

I will prioritize empowering Congolese women, especially in the following categories:

  1. Empowerment in Decision Making: We must increase women’s roles and voices in community affairs. Citizens need to be able to influence the public and private decisions that affect their lives, if change is to be sustainable. I will support projects that enable women to have a public voice, by facilitating their rights of association and expression, building their awareness of their rights, improving their access to micro-finance, and facilitating their participation in public and private life. I will give women the tools to be leaders in our society, in whatever capacity they see fit. These opportunities will strengthen our community as a whole as well as help transform gender relations.


  1. Economic Empowerment: We must improve women’s access to equal income-earning opportunities and productive assets. Improving women’s economic status and helping them build an asset base will help create equal opportunities for fiscal independence and advancement. I will prioritize women’s economic empowerment and provide support to women in enterprise development, as well as providing access to micro-finance, education and training, and market information. Eliminating the barriers that prevent women from getting access to fundamental resources and assets is crucial for the New Zaire broad-based poverty reduction and economic growth.


  1. Political Empowerment: We must ensure that Congolese women are represented along their male counterparts in government. In order to do this, we will provide training and leadership opportunities in politics, and incentivize women to run on the local and federal level. Until now, our government has been male-dominated, and an unfair representation of our country. The voice of our women will be far-reaching and impactful in the New Zaire.