United Congolese Party | Security Reform
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Security Reform

National defense is of utmost importance for the survival and development of a nation, and the New Zaire requires real security reform.  A country’s security policy defends its values, interests and sovereignty at home and abroad. This is necessary to support freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Our country has been vulnerable to external threats, including invasion by foreign armies due to the lack of united, professional and dedicated armed forces. Because of its vast natural wealth, New Zaire is a target of many foreign as well as local groups who seek to create a climate of great instability in order to illicitly exploit the country’s wealth. Thus, a shift in the current national defense and security is required and we must adopt new policies and expectations for the professionals we depend on to defend our country.  We need a national defense system whose main mission will be to defend the nation in time of wars, and to work on social projects in time of peace.

The military and police are in need of fundamental changes through professional security sector reform. Education through quality training and professional development will be paramount to success. We will work with international partners to create a modern military and modern police force. We will collaborate with international experts in military and police reform and use their guidance and knowledge to help bring about real and lasting change in the security sector for the future betterment of the Congolese people.


We will enhance the national strategic security capabilities by cooperating with our neighbors and international allies to tackle conventional and non-conventional security threats, including terrorism. We will establish state-of-the art national intelligence services to ensure resources are not plundered.  We will focus on collecting information, rather than oppressing citizens.


It is time for the men and women of New Zaire to be proud of their military and feel safe at home.  It is time for the police to be trained and equipped to deal with civilian matters.  We will train and educate.  Military enlistment and police enlistment are for hardworking, patriotic, and law-abiding citizens.  As President, I will ensure that the military will be run by the most qualified professionals, assisted by knowledgeable experts helping to create this security reform for the future of New Zaire.  Human rights will be protected with a military that is educated to respect their sworn oath to serve the Congolese people and the Constitution.

FIB Tanzanian special forces during training, Sake, the 17th of July 2013. © MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti

Let us be proud and honored to protect and serve our great nation, and encourage others to visit and invest in all that the New Zaire has to offer the world.