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The YOUTH is our greatest asset

The youth of Congo and quality education will catapult New Zaire into a developed nation.

Join the train to know how

President Christian Malanga’s plan for NEW ZAIRE

This is why you should believe in PRESIDENT MALANGA

Watch and Listen to President’s Malanga Hope speech
Attacking corruption bribery

For the past 20 years,votes have been bought from voters for peanuts. Do you know the extent of what you lost by doing that?

Letter to Multinational Corporations(MNCs)

The world is becoming more integrated and demand for resources will continue to rise as we progress in the twenty-first century. Corporations need to efficiently operate in the worlds’ resource rich land of Africa.

Key Deliverables

To make NEW ZAIRE the centre of excellence in Africa is a tall order that requires a visionary and firm leader.

More people show support for PRESIDENT MALANGA

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“If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”

(Register your problem(s), let me share with you how I intend to solve them)