United Congolese Party | Letter to Multinational Corporations(MNCs)
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Letter to Multinational Corporations(MNCs)


Dear Multinational Corporations,


The world is becoming more integrated and demand for resources will continue to rise as we progress in the twenty-first century.  Corporations need to efficiently operate in the worlds’ resource rich land of Africa. Time, money, and human capital have been wasted trying to provide the world energy and commerce because of the lack of credible, reliable, and ethical relationships in the Heart of Africa. Host countries have often been “managed” by criminals who provide little stability and security, and are guilty of endless atrocities.  The advances made in regard to social responsibility demonstrated by the corporations have been drastically diminished because the host leaders have been managed by criminal political leaders.  These leaders continue to commit mass fraud and human rights violations; costing your shareholders profits and reputation.


Stability becomes stable when leadership invests in creating a credible educated middle class that has tangible skills in the work place.  The New Zaire is young and very malleable, but very desperate at the moment. During my presidency the New Zaire and its young population will be transformed into a strong civil society made possible with the ongoing support of MNCs developing the New Zaire.


MNCs have the opportunity to play an integral role in developing the most naturally resource-rich country in the world.   The New Zaire political model will end corporations’ large financial, safety and  reputational damage of the past regime.  The New Zaire will allow corporations to focus on technical issues of creating good enterprise rather than focusing on political crises.


Why New Zaire? President Malanga understands the psyche of the Congolese people and understands the principles of the MNCs.  Say no to Kabila and yes to the New Zaire.



Yours Faithfully,

Christian Malanga